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About David Landsman

Beast of Real Estate


David Landsman is a Georgia-based Real Estate Brokerage Business Consultant

When I was in production as a REALTOR I was an International Diamond Society Award Winning Realtor and a multi-million-dollar Top Producer. I have won several awards with multiple brokerages.
As an experienced and highly passionate Realtor®, I fully understood that in the real estate industry, you need a real estate professional who always has the client’s best interests at heart, has the highest work ethic and takes these requirements seriously. Due to my skill set, I was asked to contribute, teach and mentor agents at each brokerage I was a part of. My best attribute is my passion for helping others succeed.

Beast of real estate story

I am proud to have built several brokerages and it drives my desire to help you and your brokerage grow

If your brokerage is not performing at the capacity you wish to see, contact me today for a free consultation. If you think we are a good fit, I would be honored to work with you on making your brokerage the most successful and most profitable it can be!

If you you know your brokerage is not reaching it’s full potential reach out to be today for a free consultation and let discuss a plan to make your brokerage as profitable as possible. 


Life as a Mentor

When working with me, I'm more of a partner than I am a mentor. I only succeed if you do.

Not all brokerages are the same. I tailor each mentoring program to each brokerage but with the same goal, increase profits and growth.

My brokerage mentoring program is unique and flexible enough that it can fit with any brokerage in any stage of their business. 

My focus is always on you and your brokerage. I want to ensure that you understand each component I install in your business for your continued success for years to come.

My goal is to have a huge impact on your entire brokerage. More growth and increased profits are just the beginning. Increasing these two things then impact your recruiting and your agent’s individual business.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small boutique brokerage or an international brand, the plan remains the same. Increase productivity, growth and profits.

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